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HF Sinclair


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About Us

The Puget Sound Refinery is located in Anacortes, Washington and has a crude oil capacity of 149,000 barrels per day. The geographical location of the facility allows us to reach customers in the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia, and service the major international air and seaports in the region, known for long-haul transpacific air and maritime travel. The location also provides access to Canadian and Alaskan North Slope crudes.


  • We process enough crude in a day to fill a 17 foot deep swimming pool, the size of a football field.
  • We produce about 3.2 million gallons of gasoline each day. That is enough to fill about 200,000 cars
  • We make enough fuel each day to fly 30,000 people in 149 DC-10 airplanes from Seattle to Miami.
  • We produce about 1.7 million gallons of diesel fuel per day. That?s enough to fill nearly 9,000 semi trucks.

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