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Skagit Thermography


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About Us

Sarah Herlickson and her husband Tim opened their thermography location north of Seattle in the beautiful Skagit Valley, home of the well-known, annual Tulip Festival.

Breast Thermography is a completely safe adjunctive screening tool. It does not use radiation or compression to screen for breast cancer. It uses state of the art technology that assesses heat and detects abnormalities in the breast through infrared technology. Early detection of cancer can greatly improve treatment options and overall outcome. We encourage you to start with a Full Body scan as comparative exams can create a baseline for monitoring your health based on thermal changes.
Medical Thermography is safe for men, women, and children. A Full Body exam can be used to assess Thyroid, Cerebrovascular Screening, Intestinal Inflammation, Hormone Imbalances, Back Pain, Vein Thrombosis, Nerve Pathology, Circulation and Arthritis. We offer breast thermography screening only, head and torso or full body. Male screening includes a testicular view and is performed by a male technician.

Tim and Sarah are members of Breast Thermography International and Certified technicians through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. PACT and BTI’s mission are to bring a high level of scientific standards to thermographic imaging and their patients. You can be sure your scans will be done with the utmost care and professionalism. All scans are interpreted by Board Certified Physicians with over 40 years of thermography experience.

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